Whooohoo, after one day of playing with WordPress, my blog is finally set up.

My proposal has been succesfully accepted. Thanks all for the support and help. Congratulations to all other accepted students!

I’m going to write mostly about progress of my work during GSoC 2009.Β  My plan is to add replication support into phpMyAdmin (Feature requests: rfe:1315734) . The work itself is divided into three stages:

  1. Display and check status of MySQL replication (check I/O and Slave Status)
  2. Configure and control MySQL as master server
  3. Configure and control MySQL as slave server

I have already started working on displaying MySQL replication status in Server Status section. My first patch has been accepted into SVN ( patch #2735162). Currently, it displays information from SHOW MASTER STATUS and from SHOW SLAVE STATUS, if the information are available.

Server Status - Replication - Slave Status
Server Status - Replication - Slave Status

At the end of the week, I will publish more detailed description of my project.

I’m also planning to publish a simple file upload progress bar written in PHP + MooTools framework this week.