GSoC 2009 – phpMyAdmin – Tasks for Week #1

I have been really busy  for last 3 weeks, but my final exams of IBD are finally over. From tomorrow (Monday) morning, I’m starting to work on phpMyAdmin as my full-time job, so new features should come soon :-).


  • Fix bug #2107746
  • Create support for lighttpd+mod_uploadprogress for file upload progress bar script.
  • Implement the progress bar class, which supports APC, uploadprogress extensions and supports lighttpd+mod_uploadprogress. There was a discussion under my blog. It seems that APC and uploadprogress bar works only when PHP is running as apache modul (PHP bug #12314) . The extensions do not work under Windows neither, but I have to do more testing of combinations.
  • Create testing enviroment for MySQL replication on external servers, which will be available on the Internet. I’m planning to use the servers for developing and testing the code.