vpsAdmin 1.0.0-stable version is almost here!

Almost a year ago, my friend – snajpa came up with an idea of creating non-profitable organization (vpsFree.cz), which would be offering virtual servers for its members for low price. The main idea was to provide VPS for everybody, so even students could have their own server. By that time, snajpa started working on a web based application for managing members and VPSs.

What is vpsAdmin? vpsAdmin is an opensource (GPLv3) web application for managing OpenVZ based servers written in PHP+MySQL+BASH. The application supports multiple hardware nodes, which means that you can manage all VPS from every node at one place. This is done by distributing all necessary information by MySQL replication.

vpsAdmin provides GUI for features such as managing VPS (add/remove/edit), setting up VPS limits (CPU, RAM HDD), creating firewall rules for iptables – each VPS can have its own firewall settings, advanced networking (both IPv4 and IPv6 support) and many others. I will write more about all major features, when stable version is released.

We are planning to release stable version 1.0.0 on October 1, 2009. This version will provide:

  • Complete VPS and customers management
  • Ability to change UB limits
  • Networking – IP address management (both IPv4 and IPv6 support), firewall
  • Multiple server support through circular MySQL replication
  • Separate executive (privileged) and web-GUI (unprivileged) parts to provide more security; provides transactions log – ajax based GUI written in mootools framework
  • Multilingual support via gettext (English, French, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak language translations are planned to be included in 1.0.0-stable)

I know that there are relatively many web applications for managing VPS running on OpenVZ, but non of them has satisfied our needs. Currently, there is no open-source application written in (almost) pure PHP+MySQL, that’s why we have decided to write our own and release it under GNU GPLv3 :-).

If you find vpsAdmin interesting or you want to see some screenshots, please visit our official website – vpsAdmin.org. Working copy can be obtained from our mercurial repositary.